Happy 1-Year Anniversary, 昔のSewing!

Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! Friends, I can hardly believe it, but this week is the 1-year anniversary of this blog. I am so delighted that I’ve been able to keep creating and sharing for a whole year, and I wanted to take a moment to thank YOU for reading for a whole year!Continue reading “Happy 1-Year Anniversary, 昔のSewing!”

Spotlight: Showa Era Sewing Book

Spotlight 9: 1928 Japanese Sewing Manual/Textbook Welcome to Mukashi no Sewing’s ninth spotlight! Today I’m excited to share with you a super cool Showa era sewing manual that I picked up for less than $15 on Yahoo Japan Auctions. The Showa era in Japan was quite long – it ran from 1926-1989 – and asContinue reading “Spotlight: Showa Era Sewing Book”

Review: “Costume College 2021 Goes Virtual”

Review 1: All Together Separately Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! For a while I’ve thought that it would be fun to do periodic reviews here, and attending Virtual Costume College this year provided my first opportunity. Costume College is a “three-day costuming arts conference” that normally takes place in Southern California every year. DespiteContinue reading “Review: “Costume College 2021 Goes Virtual””