Victorian Era Undergarments: The Prep (Chemise & Drawers)

Project 7, part 2 – Myths Pre-Busted (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Victorian Era Undergarments project! I decided to break this project up into three sections – the first will be the chemise and drawers as they’re both quite simple, then the petticoat, and then the bustle. This week I was able toContinue reading “Victorian Era Undergarments: The Prep (Chemise & Drawers)”

Victorian Era Undergarments: The Beginning

Project 7, part 1 – Let’s Sew Some Unmentionables! Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I had so much fun sewing the Mary Quant Minidress that I decided to dive into another sewing project right away – but this time I’m back in my favorite era. Ultimately, I plan to sew a full dress –Continue reading “Victorian Era Undergarments: The Beginning”