Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Reveal

Project 5, part 4 – Frilly Feminist Fashion (Part 1, part 2, part 3 here) Welcome back to the Milky-Chan JSK restoration project! Hopefully you’re ready for an overload of pink and white, since I’ve completely finished the restoration on this jumperskirt and I’m pretty excited to show off the results of my hard work.Continue reading “Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Reveal”

Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Sewing

Project 5, part 3 – Ties That Bind (Part 1, part 2 here) Welcome back to the Milky-Chan JSK restoration project! First off, thank you to all the people who asked about the final reveal for the Mary Quant dress. ❤ Two things have held it up – the first is a massive heat waveContinue reading “Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Sewing”

Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Cleaning and Buying

Project 5, part 2 – Restoring Ribbons and Failing at Fabric (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Milky-Chan restoration project! I’m grateful yet again that the body of my dress is in such excellent condition because it took way more effort than expected to get this into a finished state. Well, at least onContinue reading “Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Cleaning and Buying”

Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Beginning

Project 5, part 1 – Meet the Dress and Lolita Fashion Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! Today marks the beginning of another restoration project – this one a bit more modern (but with deep historical roots and inspiration!). The dress in need of restoration is Angelic Pretty’s Milky-Chan the Fawn Necklace Style JSK fromContinue reading “Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Beginning”