Obi Makeover: The Sewing and the Reveal

Project 2, part 2 – Learning New Skills is Fun! (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the obi makeover project! As predicted, this was a pleasantly quick project to finish – about 8 hours total including things like unpicking the obi and pinning up 3.5 yards of piping. I’ve never done piping before, so IContinue reading “Obi Makeover: The Sewing and the Reveal”

Obi Makeover: The Beginning

Project 2, part 1 – Mottainai and Getting Started Welome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I actually hadn’t intended for my second project to also be Japanese (or at least, Japan-adjacent), but another project is taking a bit longer to prep than anticipated, and this one is something I need! Along with being Japan-adjacent, IContinue reading “Obi Makeover: The Beginning”