Yagasuri Quilt: The Cutting

Project 17, part 2 – Plural Polygons (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the yagasuri quilt project! This week I managed to get all the rhombuses and triangles cut that make up the pattern. Quilting is a lot like baking – if there’s a good recipe available then anyone can do it, but you haveContinue reading “Yagasuri Quilt: The Cutting”

Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning

Project 17, part 1 – Look I Just Really Like This Fabric, Ok?? Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I started a new sewing project – and it’s a quilt! I literally haven’t sewn a quilt since I was in 4-H back when I was in elementary/middle school, so I felt like IContinue reading “Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning”