Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Reveal

Project 12, part 3 – Taisho Roman (Part 1, part 2 here) Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! It was CRAZY hot here for a few days, and I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t be able to take pictures of this kimono until next week, but the weather cooled just in time! EvenContinue reading “Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Reveal”

Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Embroidery

Project 12, part 2 – The Fix is In (Part 1 here) Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! Having managed to remove most of the stains last week, I was left with just one on the right collar that – while much-lightened – was still problematic. I was getting tired of scrubbing at it, andContinue reading “Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Embroidery”

Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Beginning and Cleaning

Project 12, part 1 – Hoisting Wet Kimono is My Hobby Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I’m still chipping away at my Edo Coat Restoration and Victorian Undergarments projects, but I recently acquired this vintage beauty that was in need of a little love and wanted to share the restoration process! The weird thingContinue reading “Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Beginning and Cleaning”