Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Patterning and Mockup

Project 10, part 2 – Toile-ing Away (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Victorian Parasol restoration project! This week I got the photos edited from the first day of the class, and my goodness was it a fun one! I normally sew in 3-4 hour blocks at most, so eight full hours of workContinue reading “Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Patterning and Mockup”

Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Beginning and Prep

Project 10, part 1 – Contracting in a Field Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I am beyond excited to share this new project with you. Of course, the Victorian Era (or late Edo/Meiji periods, in Japan) is my absolute favorite, and it’s becoming something of a specialty here on the blog. I mentioned inContinue reading “Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Beginning and Prep”