Edo Period Coat Restoration: The Disassembly (Stage 1)

Project 9, part 2 – The Opposite of Rapid Unintended Disassembly (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Edo period coat restoration project! My package from Japan arrived this week, and I was able to get started on the disassembly of the donor lining for my coat. I originally intended to disassemble the coat asContinue reading “Edo Period Coat Restoration: The Disassembly (Stage 1)”

Steampunk Utility Belt: The Prep

Project 8, part 2 – Your Biggest Fan (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Steampunk Utility Belt project! This week I got all the prep work finished for the project, and boy, was it more than I anticipated! There are a lot of fiddly small pieces to all the various pouches and straps inContinue reading “Steampunk Utility Belt: The Prep”

Victorian Era Perfume Case Restoration: The Finding (and Reveal)

Project 6, part 2 – At Long Last, Victory! (Part 1 here) Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing and the Victorian Era Perfume Case restoration! I really, truly, did not expect this project to take so long. “How hard can it be to find a single antique perfume bottle that is precisely 3 1/2″ highContinue reading “Victorian Era Perfume Case Restoration: The Finding (and Reveal)”

Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Cleaning and Buying

Project 5, part 2 – Restoring Ribbons and Failing at Fabric (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Milky-Chan restoration project! I’m grateful yet again that the body of my dress is in such excellent condition because it took way more effort than expected to get this into a finished state. Well, at least onContinue reading “Milky-Chan the Fawn Restoration: The Cleaning and Buying”

Mary Quant Minidress: The Toile

Project 4, part 2 – Second Wave Feminism and Testing Fit (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Mary Quant Minidress project! After slightly altering and cutting out the patterns, it was time to make my toile and find out if the alterations were enough or if I would need to make further changes forContinue reading “Mary Quant Minidress: The Toile”

Victorian Era Nightgown Restoration: The Mending

Project 3, part 2 – Sail Stitching and How Things Get Misidentified (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the Victorian Era Nightgown Restoration project! The first step for me after assessing the state of my nightgown was to mend any rips or holes. Historian Ruth Goodman, in her excellent book How to Be a Victorian,Continue reading “Victorian Era Nightgown Restoration: The Mending”

Obi Makeover: The Sewing and the Reveal

Project 2, part 2 – Learning New Skills is Fun! (Part 1 here) Welcome back to the obi makeover project! As predicted, this was a pleasantly quick project to finish – about 8 hours total including things like unpicking the obi and pinning up 3.5 yards of piping. I’ve never done piping before, so IContinue reading “Obi Makeover: The Sewing and the Reveal”

Meiji Era Kimono Restoration: The Materials

Project 1, part 2 – the Materials and Plan (part 1 here) Welcome back to the Meiji Era kimono restoration project! Today in part 2 I wanted to share the materials I’ve obtained to complete the restoration. I already have plenty of thread; I have some vintage green and red cotton threads in the rightContinue reading “Meiji Era Kimono Restoration: The Materials”