Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning

Project 17, part 1 – Look I Just Really Like This Fabric, Ok?? Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I started a new sewing project – and it’s a quilt! I literally haven’t sewn a quilt since I was in 4-H back when I was in elementary/middle school, so I felt like IContinue reading “Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning”

Spotlight Series: Troll Fashion (Part 1)

Spotlight Series 2: Historical Trolling Welcome to Mukashi no Sewing’s second spotlight series! My first spotlight series about storage and curation was initially conceived as a normal spotlight entry, but I’ve decided to split off long-form spotlights into their own thing to make them easier to find! (I also went back and retagged the fourContinue reading “Spotlight Series: Troll Fashion (Part 1)”

BtSSB Blouse Restoration: The Beginning

Project 16, part 1 – But Nothing’s Wrong? Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I started a new restoration project, with a twist – I didn’t have any idea this garment would need restoring when I bought it! 😀 I bought this blouse from Wunderwelt a while back because I needed a short-sleevedContinue reading “BtSSB Blouse Restoration: The Beginning”

Edo Period Mirror Restoration: The Beginning

Project 15, part 1 – The Sword, The Mirror, and the Jewel Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I’ve got a brand new restoration project to share with you, and it’s not even clothing this time! Gasp! I was wanting a bit of a challenge, and to try something I’d never done before, when oneContinue reading “Edo Period Mirror Restoration: The Beginning”

Obiage: The Beginning and Sewing

Project 14, part 1 – Fried Obi Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping for fabric with my Aunt Sue at an adorable quilt shop, and I ran across some fabric from Moda Fabrics that I went absolutely feral for. It’s their “Wild Ivy” print series, and itContinue reading “Obiage: The Beginning and Sewing”

Spotlight: Storage and Curation (Part 1)

Spotlight 11-1: Where To Put It All? Welcome to Mukashi no Sewing’s eleventh spotlight! This is part one of a two-part spotlight – I’ll be focusing on storage today, and in the second part I’ll be talking about curation! It’s all well and good to have a wardrobe of unusual or antique clothing, but youContinue reading “Spotlight: Storage and Curation (Part 1)”

Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Beginning

Project 13, part 1 – Velveteen Dream Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I began a new hybrid project that definitely was not an excuse to buy new dresses. I don’t even know why you’d say that? So weird. 😀 Actually, I’ve wanted to do another lolita project for a while, as havingContinue reading “Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Beginning”

Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Beginning and Cleaning

Project 12, part 1 – Hoisting Wet Kimono is My Hobby Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I’m still chipping away at my Edo Coat Restoration and Victorian Undergarments projects, but I recently acquired this vintage beauty that was in need of a little love and wanted to share the restoration process! The weird thingContinue reading “Yagasuri Kimono Restoration: The Beginning and Cleaning”

Obi Makeover, the Sequel: The Beginning and Sewing

Project 11, part 1 – I Heard You Like Obi Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! Nearly a year ago, I used a secondhand obi to create a dropcloth for my weapons for iaido, and I’m still using it regularly! This week I started a little project with a different secondhand obi to make…another obi.Continue reading “Obi Makeover, the Sequel: The Beginning and Sewing”

Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Beginning and Prep

Project 10, part 1 – Contracting in a Field Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I am beyond excited to share this new project with you. Of course, the Victorian Era (or late Edo/Meiji periods, in Japan) is my absolute favorite, and it’s becoming something of a specialty here on the blog. I mentioned inContinue reading “Victorian Parasol Restoration: The Beginning and Prep”