Spotlight: Iaido Keikogi

Spotlight 5: Modern Keikogi, Long History Welcome to Mukashi no Sewing’s fifth spotlight! Having just returned from the PNKF’s 2021 iaido seminar and shinsa (testing), I thought it might be interesting to spotlight the uniform I wear in the dojo! Although the gi and hakama I own range from 20-ish years old to brand new,Continue reading “Spotlight: Iaido Keikogi”

Spotlight: Antique and Vintage Teacups

Spotlight 4: Tea and Me Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! Today’s spotlight is on my small collection of antique and vintage teacups! This is going to be an image-heavy post, as I really wanted to share all the beautiful details on these cups. 🙂 So why tea cups? As I’ve mentioned before, I grewContinue reading “Spotlight: Antique and Vintage Teacups”

Spotlight: Singer Featherweight Accessories

Spotlight 3: New (to Me) Featherweight Sewing Machine Accessories Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! I bought two new accessories recently for my Featherweight, and thought they might be of interest – particularly if you have a vintage/antique machine of your own! The first piece of kit I purchased was the buttonholer you may haveContinue reading “Spotlight: Singer Featherweight Accessories”

Spotlight: Victorian Era Purse and Handkerchief

Spotlight 2: 1883 (maybe?!) Purse and 1860s Handkerchief Welcome to 昔のSewing’s second spotlight! Since I recently finished up a Victorian Era restoration project, I thought it would be fun to share some ladies’ accoutrements from the same era that didn’t require any restoration work! The same friend who gave me the nightgown also gave meContinue reading “Spotlight: Victorian Era Purse and Handkerchief”

Spotlight: Singer Featherweight

Spotlight 1: 1961 Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine Welcome to 昔のSewing’s first spotlight! Spotlights are for for fun vintage or antique items in my possession that don’t require any restoration work, but that I still want to share with you. Today’s spotlight is extremely important to the blog since it’s the sewing machine I do allContinue reading “Spotlight: Singer Featherweight”