About 昔のSewing

“Under the Cherry Trees” by Kajii Motojirō

Once upon a time, a girl fell in love with the past…

Mukashi literally means “olden days” or “past/former” in Japanese, but it’s also what storytellers start their fairy tales with – so you might say that this blog is really called “Once Upon a Time Sewing.” There’s a series of Japanese sewing/craft books called 乙女のソーイング – Otome no Sewing, or “Sewing for Maidens,” so perhaps you could also read this as “Sewing for the Olden Days.”

Whichever way you like to read it, I hope you love history, sewing, and crafting as much as I do, and will join me for my adventures in all three. I publish my adventures every Tuesday – subscribe by email or through WordPress so you don’t miss a post!

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