Yagasuri Quilt: The Cutting

Project 17, part 2 – Plural Polygons (Part 1 here)

I’m still not tired of this fabric which is good since I’ll be spending a lot of time with it in coming weeks!

Welcome back to the yagasuri quilt project! This week I managed to get all the rhombuses and triangles cut that make up the pattern. Quilting is a lot like baking – if there’s a good recipe available then anyone can do it, but you have to be willing to prep everything in advance and follow the instructions precisely. I love baking because of the precision involved, so I quickly got into the swing of things with prepping my quilt chunks!

Thank you again for the rotary cutter and the cutting square, Aunt Susie! SUPER helpful for this project! ❤

The first step was cutting shorter strips from the longer strips in the jelly roll. I’m already off-page from my recipe here because Becky’s pattern calls for wider strips, but my aunt used a jelly roll so by golly I can figure it out too. 😀

Investing in a new, big cutting mat with angled lines marked was a big brain move. Nice job, Past Self!

After that, the purple, green and white strips had to be cut into rhombuses (rhombi? rhomben? Seriously what’s the correct plural here?), which was made WAY easier by the pre-marked lines on my cutting mat.

As an aside, did you know there’s a whole Japanese quilting museum!? It’s called the Izumo Museum of Quilt Art and now I really want to go next time I’m in Japan. There is a long history of patchwork and quilting in Japan and the Japanese artists who are quilting today are doing some incredible stuff. I’m way down here in the scrub leagues (and my focus is on clothing!), but it’s super cool to see what people at the top of their game are producing!

At last! Beautiful stacks of quilt components!

I just put on some music and sliced away, and before I knew it I had a set of rhomboids ready for action! Next time I get to do the hard part…figuring out how to arrange all these in a pleasing pattern… If you enjoyed reading this please subscribe below to get a notification each week about my latest post — I look forward to seeing you next week for more fashion, history, and crafts here on Mukashi no Sewing! ❤

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