Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning

Project 17, part 1 – Look I Just Really Like This Fabric, Ok??

The lens cap is there on purpose to hide the year the quilt was sewn… LOL

Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I started a new sewing project – and it’s a quilt! I literally haven’t sewn a quilt since I was in 4-H back when I was in elementary/middle school, so I felt like I might be overdue. 😀 (Kind of amazed I still have it, though!!)

Thanks for letting me borrow this for so long, Aunt Susie! Sorry, I’ll return it soon! ❤

My Aunt Sue is a tremendous quilter, and a few months ago when I was visiting her she showed off a new quilt she’d made from Becky Goldsmith’s book called Opposites Attract.

What is WITH quilters and doing red, white, and blue?? The old quilt I made as a kid notwithstanding, my aunt and I both favor Japanese fabrics and jewel tones so I dunno.

Is that?? Yes, that is DEFINITELY yagasuri; the Japanese arrow-fletching pattern. As you may recall from my yagasuri kimono restoration project, I absolutely adore this pattern. I was also still thinking about the beautiful green and purple fabric I used for my obiage sewing project…and realized that using it to make this quilt would give me the perfect excuse to play with it some more!

Pictured: enough self-restraint to have a project planned before purchasing.
The backing fabric is actually a different brand but it’s absolutely perfect!

So I picked up a jelly roll of the Wild Iris fabric, along with some backing fabric, more purple thread, and a huge wad of batting. I also had to buy about a half-yard more of the plain cream fabric as I could already tell there wouldn’t be enough “whites” in the jelly roll to complete the quilt pattern.

I decided to just use the lighter greens and purples…so I still have a bunch of the darker toned strips awaiting a future project!

I selected the strips, ironed them out somewhat (they’ll just end up getting ironed more as I press the seams of the sewn pieces so I didn’t make myself crazy with it), and got ready for the endless cutting that is my next step. 😀 If you enjoyed reading this please subscribe below to get a notification each week about my latest post — I look forward to seeing you next week for more fashion, history, and crafts here on Mukashi no Sewing! ❤

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3 thoughts on “Yagasuri Quilt: The Beginning

    1. That’s a really good question 😂😂😂

      I think it’s going to be about lap quilt size? But because I’m using a slightly narrower fabric than called for, it may be a rectangle rather than a square.


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