Velveteen JSKs Restoration: The Sewing (Neckties)

Project 13, part 5 – It’s Buttonholer Time! (Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 here)

It’s time. It’s time! IT’S BUTTONHOLER TIME!!!

Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing! This week I was able to finish the last piece of the restoration for the Velveteen Princess JSK – the neck ties! Honestly, this was purely for my own sake – they’re removable pieces that attach inside the neck ruffle, so no one would have known they were missing. But I’d know, since I have the original photos of the dress from when it was released, and I wanted to have the option to wear them!

You can see from this brand photo how the neckties are meant to be worn.

I bought some double-sided red velvet ribbon from Mood Fabrics after trying several options for matching the velveteen itself. I couldn’t find a good color match, for one, and for two sewing velveteen is a huge hassle! So ribbon seemed like the perfect option. I have to admit it’s a little wider than I would have wanted in a perfect world, but the color and texture was spot on so I focused on those instead.

This is why we always buy extra yardage, lol 😀

It took a few tries to get the buttonhole centered on the ribbon…I don’t know what my issue was, but I literally kept putting it in the same off-center place over and over. 😀 Eventually I managed to sort myself out, and from there it was super easy to finish the buttonholes and to sew down a rolled hem on either end just in case. This ribbon is super high-quality and seemed pretty fray-proof, but, better safe than sorry!

Did I measure the placement in advance? I absolutely did not. Lucky for me I have a good eye for measurements thanks to years of wargaming!

And just like that, I was done! The buttonholes are a bit larger than my buttons – my buttonholer attachment didn’t have a guide for the size of buttons on the dress, annoyingly. But because they’ll always be under tension due to the nature of the ties, it really doesn’t matter!

One of the cool little things I like about this dress is that the neck ties just attach to the neck ruffle buttons, so I could change the placement to change the look!
She’s complete once more! ❤

I’m SO happy I could return this dress to its former glory! Especially since the weather where I lived skipped straight from summer to winter almost overnight, so velveteen is feeling like a pretty attractive option suddenly. 🙂 There might even be some snow in the works for a photoshoot…fingers crossed! No matter the weather, I look forward to sharing the final reveal with you soon here on Mukashi no Sewing! ❤

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