Mukashi no Sewing & Bay Area Kei Gramarye Present “The Afterlife of Clothes”

Hi friends! I’ve been working super hard on my presentation all week, and the time is nearly here! My presentation “The Afterlife of Clothes: Cleaning and Restoring Secondhand and Antique Clothes” will be live to watch on the Bay Area Kei Twitch Channel this Saturday, November 5th from 7:30-8:30pm Pacific Time. You don’t have to have a Twitch account to watch it, although you’ll need to make one if you want to interact/ask questions at the end. After the fact it will be uploaded to the Bay Area Kei YouTube Channel and I’ll be sure to link it on my blog as well so you can watch the replay!

There are a whole bunch of other amazing panels as well, and I hope you’ll support some of my fellow presenters! I’m particularly excited about FloatAwayLilly’s interactive panel “Rating the Anatomical Accuracy of Halloween Decor (and Lolita Pieces)” – I even submitted an image from one of my dresses for it. 🙂

I was recently out of state visiting my Aunt Sue and we hit an awesome fabric sale at her local store, so I’ve got some positively gorgeous new fabric and some really neat projects in the works. I hope to see you Saturday at my panel, and I look forward to seeing you here next week on Mukashi no Sewing! ❤

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