Spotlight: More Singer Featherweight Accessories!

Spotlight 8: More Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine Accessories for the Hoard!

At last! Zigzagging capability is mine! 😀

Welcome back to Mukashi no Sewing and our eighth spotlight here on the blog! I managed to snag two more attachments from eBay for my Featherweight, and thought you might enjoy getting to know them with me!

Why do all of these attachments look like crazy torture devices??

The first piece I picked up is a zig-zag attachment from 1950. Weirdly, not being able to do zig-zag stitching has been one of the few things I’ve missed not having a modern machine. Zig-zagging can be used in place of serging, and I really don’t have space for another machine – but I also would like to be able to finish jerseys and other modern fabrics occasionally! I’ve had some of Finn’s fleece pajamas in my alterations pile for quite some time awaiting this technology. 😀 Another reason is being able to make my own silk ribbon to match my outfits – silk ribbon is super pricy, and matching colors is nigh-impossible online. The Dreamstress just posted a great tutorial on making your own silk ribbon using the zig-zag feature to finish the edges, and I’m really excited to try it!

Maybe no one but me is interested in cording…but this is going to really unlock some passementerie options for me!

There are tons of other uses for this attachment, including edge joining, hemstitching, and attaching elastic, so I can’t wait to flex the power of my new zig-zagger on some upcoming projects!

My second piece is a little less all-purpose, but no less useful:

Look, hemming is a pain, and anything I can mechanize is a boon!

I love me some hand-sewing, but I’m not super into endlessly hemming by hand, especially invisible hems. My new blind stitch attachment from 1949 is going to make my life a lot easier, particularly for lighter fabrics, so I can do relatively quick and easy hemming on my machine!

Skirts, dresses, AND lingerie. Well, all my bases are covered… 😀

I find silk particularly trying to work with by hand, as it can be prone to fraying when fussed with too much, and as I’m staring down the oncoming train of a full dress project sometime this year, I figured it was worth the effort to get as many things as possible to make my life easier!

The crazy thing is how good these little instruction manuals are. They’re small, but so thorough!

From my understanding, this attachment in particular takes some dialing in, so I expect to do a few test runs to get things right. Once I do, though, it should neaten up my garments and give a more professional finish than my current “fold over twice and topstitch” strategy. 🙂

Wait, this isn’t a Featherweight attachment…

I actually got one more piece of kit recently that isn’t for my sewing machine, but is where I took all the photos for this post! My husband bought me this Studio Cube and it’s just fantastic for taking pictures of smaller objects. One of my goals for 2022 is to improve my photography, and the powerful LED lighting and backdrop sheets in my Studio Cube are stage 1 of the plan! He bought me a fancy flash for my camera as well, so I look forward to learning how to use that to overcome the dreadful lighting in my sewing room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the two (well, three!) new additions to the family, and I look forward to seeing you back here at Mukashi no Sewing next week for more history, crafts, and sewing! ❤

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