Short Hiatus This Week!

Windstorms are really spooky when you’re a greyhound! Especially a greyhound with an injured paw…

Sorry for the delay, friends! Along with the windstorms keeping Finn and Ashleigh on edge, I’ve had my own perfect storm of an increased workload at the office, visiting family, and home repair issues ranging from my kitchen floor to my stovetop that suddenly stopped working. All of this has left me with several projects on hold and no time for photography, much less sewing! The good news is, starting next week I’m taking some time off, and I already have several days blocked off for finishing projects (you’ll see the final reveal on the Steampunk Utility Belt soon!) and starting some incredible new ones (I don’t want to spoil anything but… PARASOL!!!!). I really appreciate everyone’s patience and love while I balance my life and my hobbies, and I can’t wait to see you back here next week with my next post! ❤

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4 thoughts on “Short Hiatus This Week!

  1. Hi Rae,

    I shared your blog with my friends again, so maybe you will get some new subscribers. I love reading about what you are doing and I usually learn something!

    I will text you photos of the komebukuro I made for myself, Kate, Judi, and Ireta. We are now referring to ourselves as the sisterhood of the traveling rice bags.

    Love, Aunt Susie


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